Joshua Fiorini

Always difficult, hospitalizations have become increasingly challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic. But for families with young children, it’s exceptionally hard. That’s what the Fiorini family faced when their husband and father, Joshua, suffered a stroke.

Josh’s stroke left him with weakness on his right side. He couldn’t move, speak, or sustain alertness upon arrival at Vibra Hospital of Charleston. The interdisciplinary team got to work addressing Josh’s functional skills and mobility. Regular updates were provided to his wife, Candace, on his progress. Each reporting period showed marked improvements thanks to Josh’s efforts.

By the time Josh discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, he’d made incredible gains. He could now walk over 250 feet with contact guard assist. His level of independence improved with activities of daily living, too. His tracheostomy removed, Josh managed a regular diet with thin liquids. Diagnosed with severe expressive aphasia, Josh demonstrated improvement with his language, too.

The day Josh discharged, Candace was able to drive him to the rehab facility. His improved medical status afforded them much-needed family time. Josh looks forward to returning home soon to Candace and their two children, Charlotte and Benny.