Tillman Perritte

Tillman Perritte is glad he doesn’t remember the accident that ultimately led him to Vibra Hospital of Charleston. A piece of heavy machinery pinned him down, leaving him with multiple fractures and “crushing” internal injuries. An ambulance transported him to MUSC, where he was admitted as a trauma patient and intubated.

Colin Thompson

Monica Thompson never left her son’s side. Though hospitalized with an anoxic brain injury, Colin had a second chance at life. The brain injury left Colin with significant deficits and a long road to recovery, but there was hope. That hope led Colin and his mother to Vibra Hospital of Charleston, a critical care hospital.

Mr. Overcash

Mr. Overcash came to Vibra unable to walk after multiple surgeries to correct a major bowel blockage. With hard work and support from his therapists, he can now walk and has gained back his independence.

Ruth Steinbraker

While in a medically induced coma to heal from a major stroke, Ruth Steinbraker was put on a full tracheostomy to support her respiratory function. She came to Vibra to regain her strength and independence.

Gerald Howarth

Gerald Howarth experienced complications during surgery to remove a cancerous growth. He was sedated for three weeks and required a ventilator to heal. When they removed the sedative, he didn’t wake up for three days.

Maureen Bolchoz

Maureen Bolchoz’s health began to diminish after returning home from a trip. She spent 50 days in the hospital before transferring to Vibra. With her husband by her side, she worked hard at her recovery and began to see progress!