Ruth Steinbraker

While in a medically induced coma to heal from a major stroke, Ruth Steinbraker was put on a full tracheostomy to support her respiratory function. She came to Vibra to regain her strength and independence.

Gerald Howarth

Gerald Howarth experienced complications during surgery to remove a cancerous growth. He was sedated for three weeks and required a ventilator to heal. When they removed the sedative, he didn’t wake up for three days.

Jaesyn Burn

When Jaesyn Burn was admitted to Vibra for wound care, his focus was on healing. But the relationship he developed with patient concierge & music therapist Nick Dowler led to a different kind of healing.

Maureen Bolchoz

Maureen Bolchoz’s health began to diminish after returning home from a trip. She spent 50 days in the hospital before transferring to Vibra. With her husband by her side, she worked hard at her recovery and began to see progress!

Mr. Cole

After a cyst burst within his body, Mr. Cole transferred to Vibra for wound care. After his arrival, his heart health became the center of concern when his blood pressure dropped, and he went into AFib.